Spotlight Feature:  Mohamed Salah

 Mohamed Salah (aka The Egyptian King) Egyptian Professional Soccer Player, Current Team: Liverpool F.C., Position:  Forward  

Regarded as one of the best football players on the planet today, you need only to take a look at his impressive list of accomplishments and trophies to realise how special he is.  Winner of the Swiss Super League, English Premier League, Champions League, Uefa Super Cup to name a few. Individual accolades include: Premier League Golden Boot, Player of the Season, African Footballer of the year,  to name a few. 

A testament to his influence in the region and globally, Salah was featured on the cover of two major magazines in 2018: GQ Middle East (feature story titled “The Unstoppable Rise of Mo Salah”) and Time magazine’s 2019 TIME 100 edition.

Today Mo Salah sits atop the world of football, however you only need to look back at his journey to see how far he has come. Salah started his career in Egypt departing shortly after to Switzerland. His strong performance attracted interest that saw him move to England, however things didn’t go according to plan and he left for Italy. Salah’s success in Italy saw him return to England for the second time. It was during his second spell in England that things really took off and amazingly, despite his success Mo Salah has maintained a strong work ethic.   He may have missed out on the Ballon d’Or, however to millions on the continent, the Egyptian King reigns.  

What – current and aspiring-  Sales , Marketing and Support professionals can learn  from Mo Salah 

As a Sales professional, you will likely hear more Nos than Yes’. As a marketer, your content, messaging and campaigns will not always land. As a customer support / success professional, you will not always be on the same page as your customer.

Key lesson – Do not dwell on your shortcomings, instead reflect on the experience, learn the important lessons and apply them going forward. Oh and don’t forget, once you reach the top, the same level of dedication that got you there is needed (and maybe more) to keep you there. Just ask the Egyptian King.

Mo Sala’s Super Powers Humility, Dedication, Self Awareness    #CelebrateAfrica

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