Spotlight Feature: Maisson Hassan Matar

CEO and Founder of  Fandora. Maisson is also Sudan’s ambassador for Women Entrepreneurship Day.

Fandora utilizes local and recycled materials to create beautiful jewelry and accessories and focuses on environmental education by organizing recycling workshops at schools, cultural centers and prisons. Fandora also collaborates with local NGOs in organizing environmental awareness campaigns, women empowerment and prisoner reintegration programs.

Fandora was created out of two Arabic words – Fan= Art and dor= role, “the role of Art in the community” and art plays a major role in change and development in any community. 

In Maisson’s own words, “Entrepreneurship is one way to escape from our unfortunate conditions; war, economic problems, unemployment etc. It’s the dream of the new generation, instead of waiting for the perfect job.” 

Maisson is a firm believer that entrepreneurship brings good to Sudan especially for women who can create their economic fortune through non-traditional avenues and secure their livelihoods and those of their families and communities in turn.

To learn more and purchase Fandora’s design check out their Facebook page 

What – current and aspiring-  Sales , Marketing and Support professionals can learn  from Maisson  

Building a business in Sudan is not easy, especially for niche non-mass produced products such as recycled waste jewelry.  The local Jewelry market is dominated by cheaper foreign imports making it very difficult for locals to compete.  Maisson is working to even the playing field for local Jewelers while reintegrating female prisoners into society through upskilling initiatives.  Winners never quit and quitters never win. When the going gets tough, learn to take a step back, reflect and rethink your approach

Maisson’s Super Powers Passion, High EQ and Grit.    #CelebrateAfrica

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