Spotlight Feature : Johnson Kibirige

CEO and Co-Founder Wion Motors Ltd. 

Wion Motors is an auto-repair social enterprise. In addition to vehicle repairs, Wion Motors engages in social impact activities such as training women to become auto mechanics and afforestation projects to tackle the effects of climate change.  

Wion’s goal is to be the leading automotive social enterprise in East Africa, with a chain of vehicle repair shops all  over the region. 

Since childhood, Johnson has had a love for cars. In 2005, Johnson received a government scholarship to study Mechanical engineering at the prestigious Kyambogo University in Kampala.  

In 2017, Johnson’s passion for auto-care and bad encounters with local mechanics inspired  him to establish his own auto repair shop.

To date, Wion Motors has trained over 63 people with the majority going off  to set up their own auto repair shop. By 2035, Johnson aims to have trained over 1000 youth with a  focus on attracting more women into the auto-repair industry across East Africa.

To learn more about Wion Motors, check them out on Facebook and  Instagram.

**What – current and aspiring-  Sales , Marketing and Support professionals can learn  from Johnson 

Ralph Nader said it best – The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. This encapsulates Johnson’s philosophy and style of leadership.  To succeed in Sales, Marketing and Customer Success / Support, leading and serving go hand in hand.

**Johnson’s Super Powers 

Servant Leadership, humility and Level 5 ambition


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