What does it take to be a great digital sales agent in Africa

The evolution of business over the last decade in Africa has been nothing short of  impressive.  With the pandemic came the need for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation hence the adoption of modern tools, practices and increased importance of roles such as sales, data analytics, digital marketing, security and support. 

Over the past 12 months we’ve certainly seen growth in ecommerce in Africa and we here at My Growth Academy expect this trend to continue.. A survey published by the UN Capital Development Fund in March found that more than 40% of customers were planning to reduce their supermarket shopping in the future by purchasing food, clothing and electronics online.

But, is online sales as easy as you think?

Just like a physical establishment, online sales requires the attention, consistency and creativity of a great digital sales agent.

“What is the criteria of a great sales representative?”

Great salespeople are empathetic, culturally aware,  creative and driven, they do more than just exceed their targets. For example, a great sales person not only goes above and beyond to delight the customer but does this by combining analytics with practical solutions.

South Africa’s Takealot is one of the leading ecommerce brands on the continent. The online retail giant provides its customers with a convenient and simplified buying experience. It’s ability to understand its customers and provide an impressive catalogue of products across fashion, electronics, gaming and petcare certainly provides it with a competitive edge. 

Part of what makes Takealot a success is the ability of its sales team to consistently provide its customers with the very latest products in the market, up-to-date product specification, the best deals and exceptional service.

It’s that simple – well sort of . Empathy, cultural awareness, creativity, being data driven plus the desire to go above lets just say are the basics needed to be great.

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